Lily Anne down
Lily Anne down 7 orë më parë
still in 2021
Chloe Caldwell
Chloe Caldwell 9 orë më parë
Hi 2021 people
Esmeralda Murati
Esmeralda Murati Ditë më parë
2021 anyone?!
Briley Whittenburg
Briley Whittenburg Ditë më parë
why is he not verified-
Chloe Caldwell
Chloe Caldwell 3 ditë më parë
who’s here 9 months later 👉
Jitka De Wilde
Jitka De Wilde 3 ditë më parë
Hello Nick I'm your biggest fan could you respond to this
On the road to get 100k without vids
On the road to get 100k without vids 4 ditë më parë
U got to mrtop5 is house
Singatha Tiyo
Singatha Tiyo 4 ditë më parë
He is so cute
asdfg123 5 ditë më parë
i'm from the future and mr "i will be single for the rest of my life" is now dating Madison Beer
Nikki Herron
Nikki Herron 5 ditë më parë
I love u
Ty Livez
Ty Livez 6 ditë më parë
LOL... puppy
Emerita Duran
Emerita Duran 7 ditë më parë
Neck my cousin likes you
Jana Chochoroska
Jana Chochoroska 8 ditë më parë
I cant stop staring at himmmm hes too cute
Oops Hi
Oops Hi 8 ditë më parë
I miss these unproblematic days
Aliyah Mackay
Aliyah Mackay 8 ditë më parë
Nick Austin once said”ummm...ok”
AfricanRituals 9 ditë më parë
you smell liar!!!!! you're from ILlINOIS!
Kennah Alexis Ry
Kennah Alexis Ry 11 ditë më parë
*chase and nick just hold hands and it looks like chase is gonna try to kiss his hand* 🤦🏼‍♀️
Prisha Patel
Prisha Patel 12 ditë më parë
Nick-Where's the Airhorn? Ryland-Don't worry about it Nick-I wanna wake up Conner Ryland-Its on the side of the bed I-
Shalinie Bhageloe
Shalinie Bhageloe 13 ditë më parë
Nick your not gonna be single cus when you 30 and i,m 20 where gonna date no jk i,m ugly but this here is not my name jayshri Cecilia thats my name but this was my moms old phone but i love you❤❤❤
Shalinie Bhageloe
Shalinie Bhageloe 13 ditë më parë
Look jou the best son you soo cute tho
Shalinie Bhageloe
Shalinie Bhageloe 13 ditë më parë
Nick i love you cane u pls make more vids cus i wanna se you
Meskerem Schuster
Meskerem Schuster 14 ditë më parë
Cheese : I’m coming for you chase chase : get the f*ck out the my way
Roast 15 ditë më parë
I’m deeply concerned about the hype house rn
Esmeralda Murati
Esmeralda Murati 16 ditë më parë
2021 anyone?!
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 16 ditë më parë
Lazy ass nick
Caroline Sanguin
Caroline Sanguin 17 ditë më parë
Miss this ❤❤
Lauren Church 2009
Lauren Church 2009 17 ditë më parë
the fact i'm watching this on my laptop and tried to click the low battery button lmaooo
Nicola Peters
Nicola Peters 17 ditë më parë
wheres the vid nick ey
Maggie 101
Maggie 101 19 ditë më parë
Pleas post more
Nour Nour
Nour Nour 20 ditë më parë
Shifaa Mathews
Shifaa Mathews 20 ditë më parë
Nick's gonna clog more....... Doesn't blog in 8 months
Makayla Miller
Makayla Miller 20 ditë më parë
Nick and chase:carefully putting there hands in the box Nick:Freaks out I forgot his name I feel really bad: there`s nothing in it you idiots Me:🤣
James Matthew
James Matthew 21 ditë më parë
Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you , stay safe and have a wonderful day
Jazbo Adventures
Jazbo Adventures 21 ditë më parë
guess what!!my friends in love with nick!!
Vivian Lozano
Vivian Lozano 21 ditë më parë
Alex: “what type of cheese tho” Nick: guessing literally all the cheeses Chase: yOu ThInK iM sUpPoSeD tO fCkInG kNoW tHe BrAnDs Of ChEeSe-
22Kaitlyn Jury
22Kaitlyn Jury 22 ditë më parë
he said "2020 about to be crazy!" like I- thats true it was crazy
Scooby Ted
Scooby Ted 24 ditë më parë
why didnt you leave
Bonn Ning
Bonn Ning 25 ditë më parë
Who else is waiting for him to post?
Bella Richardson
Bella Richardson 25 ditë më parë
Nick take all the time u need
Clarissa Baca
Clarissa Baca 26 ditë më parë
today is my b-day and they filmed it on my last b-day
Dalu Nwamu
Dalu Nwamu 26 ditë më parë
Who's watching this in 2021?
Nicola Peters
Nicola Peters 26 ditë më parë
did you mean 8 months
Marisol Torres
Marisol Torres 26 ditë më parë
I come from the future and tonick no longer exists 🥺😔
DaisyAnne Shuchster
DaisyAnne Shuchster 27 ditë më parë
Pup Ppu
Pup Ppu 27 ditë më parë
How sad
Get Frosty
Get Frosty 27 ditë më parë
My name is Nathan and my girlfriend really likes you
angely rodriguez
angely rodriguez 27 ditë më parë
im sorry i mean boyfrend
angely rodriguez
angely rodriguez 27 ditë më parë
i love you nick like a girlfrend am emely
AreliaandBrennan AdventureVideos
AreliaandBrennan AdventureVideos 28 ditë më parë
I couldn't stop laughing
Maria Portela
Maria Portela 28 ditë më parë
someone in 2021 ??
Mike Jlee
Mike Jlee 28 ditë më parë
He has not posted in 8 months
Brooke Maswela
Brooke Maswela 29 ditë më parë
Nick: "This is going to be the craziest year" 2020-2021: Over 500,000 people have corona virus 🦠
0 Gaming
0 Gaming 29 ditë më parë
Its okay nick im rlly rlly skinny too :(
hannah legg
hannah legg 29 ditë më parë
i love you so much nick
Kayla Spinks
Kayla Spinks 29 ditë më parë
E Burdick
E Burdick 29 ditë më parë
iraqi ARMY
iraqi ARMY Muaj më parë
iraqi ARMY
iraqi ARMY Muaj më parë
nick is so cute😍💔
Teddy_ Austin
Teddy_ Austin Muaj më parë
HI NICK I love you so much 🥺💜
lamis games
lamis games Muaj më parë
Chease so cute and beautiful in first time i like you man🥰🥰😍
sarah iskander
sarah iskander Muaj më parë
nurin imanina
nurin imanina Muaj më parë
i miss this channel
Zia Zia
Zia Zia Muaj më parë
the low battery omg 😆
Hiren Bhakta
Hiren Bhakta Muaj më parë
Voni thats so many rings
Salah P
Salah P Muaj më parë
Soha loves you
Kai Weasley
Kai Weasley Muaj më parë
Me waiting for a new vid: ... still here
Pastel Clouds4545
Pastel Clouds4545 Muaj më parë
Pastel Clouds4545
Pastel Clouds4545 Muaj më parë
Toys by ave
Toys by ave Muaj më parë
Kira Lans
Kira Lans Muaj më parë
я плачу, это мило 🥺
Top Towers gaming
Top Towers gaming Muaj më parë
It’s been 8 months please post 🥺
James Pangilinan
James Pangilinan Muaj më parë
James Pangilinan
James Pangilinan Muaj më parë
Allya Charette
Allya Charette Muaj më parë
Ariana Grande
Josie Wiggett
Josie Wiggett Muaj më parë
who ales is watching this in 2021
laur2944 laur2944
laur2944 laur2944 Muaj më parë
"2020 is gonna be the craziest year" Me in 2021- H-how did he know
Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you
Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you Muaj më parë
Miss him posting
Jennifer Cancino
Jennifer Cancino Muaj më parë
its not walmart its target :-;
Chloe Otto
Chloe Otto Muaj më parë
I love you nick you are everything I want in a relationship 😘💘😘💘😘💘😘😘💘💘😘
07 Laeina
07 Laeina Muaj më parë
2:11 gloves but no masks lol. And I hope they weren’t in quarantine, but just in lockdown... The basketball court and pool content is sick tho! More scenes of that would have been cool